The Orchestra “La Filharmonie”, made up of over forty musicians selected by the director Nima Keshavarzi., is the heart of and reason for the Filharmonie Association.
The combined passion and young age of the Filharmonie musicians, all under 35 years old, come together to form a prestigious professional profile, which boasts experiences with some of the most important national and international chamber and symphonic orchestras including in the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino festival, the Orchestra of Tuscany, the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa, the RNCM Symphony Orchestra in Manchester, the Camerata Strumentale of Prato, the Turin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini, and the Italian Youth Orchestra.

La Filharmonie combines the traditional classic-romantic repertoire with both ancient and contemporary music. The orchestra is multi-dimensional because near the broad symphonic headcount there are numerous chamber music groups, that diversify the number of musicians and instruments families; There is also a good deal of cross-over, including all types of music that don’t fit the definition of classical but rather create more contemporary sounds including pop, rock, and jazz. The orchestra encourages the collaboration of multiple subsets of the performing arts not just limited to music. Such collaborations include with the opera, and ballet, as well as through installations, video art, cinema, video games, and commercials (advertisements) in which, to varying degrees, music from the orchestra is just one of the components creating the final result.



Nima Keshavarzi

Violini I

Teona Kazishvili

Stefano delle Donne

Natalia Kuleshova

Valentina Morini

Andreea Baicu

Emma Lanza

Violini II

Aurora Landucci

Irene Forlanelli

Pietro Montemagni

Michele Pierattelli

Neri Nencini

Virginia Capozzi


Marco Scicli

Filippo Martini

Ettore Vinci

Anna Gandolfi

Katia Moling


Stefano Aiolli

Lisa Napoleone

Giacomo Ugolini

Anna Montemagni


Eugenia Barone

Pablo Escobar


Elena Pruneti

Francesco Gatti


Riccardo Rinaldi

Daniele Tambellini


Antonio Capula

Emilio Checchini


Salomon Peren

Cesare Pierozzi


Emilio Botto

Gionata Gori


Grabriele Antonio Galluzzo

Tommaso Benporad


Francesco di Gioia

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